Ways you can harmonise and prepare for a single LIMS using Pathnexus

Align Tests across sites and different disciplines

You are planning a single LIMS procurement or network consolidation and need to create a single test list. This needs coordinating and maintaining across multiple sites and disciplines, when your lab specialists are already busy! But you want to get this right with clinical assurance built in...

  • svgIntegrate clinical governance into your harmonisation work
  • svgSave time of busy clinicians
  • svgAlign your test codes before LIMS procurement
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Pathnexus code lists governance

More features that enable cross site working & governance

Review & Maintain Test list

Clinical governance

Review & Maintain Test list

Reference Portal

Reference for lab & clinicians

Reuse in systems

Interoperability via HL7 FHIR

Standardisation under the hood with SNOMED CT (UTL), LOINC .

While you harmonise your tests across sites into a single test list, Pathnexus standardises them behind the scenes!

So while you and your lab specialists focus on the main task of harmonisation, Pathnexus takes care of your standardisation and interoperability compliance! You can select your standard of choice - SNOMED CT (or Unified Test List in the UK) or LOINC.

  • svgUse SNOMED CT (UTL) or LOINC for standards compliance
  • svgCoverage for multiple disciplines
  • svgAchieve downstream benefits like analytics and interoperability
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Pathnexus suppports mapping to UTL (SNOMED CT) and LOINC

Ready to start your harmonisation journey?

Create a single test list, maintain your test list with standards, realise benefits of a single LIMS and more...

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How it works

Single Lab Test List creation & Assurance is easy!


Upload your lab test list

We assume your test list will have a `local code` and a `description` for each test you perform. Don't worry, we support Excel spreadsheets and we retain any existing mappings you might have!


Automap - Pathnexify!

Yes, a single `pathnexify` button can automatically suggest matches for most of your tests in SNOMED CT, Unified Test List (UTL) or LOINC. Now all you have to do is mark them as ready for review and share the list with your collaborators.


Review and Assurance

Pathnexus comes with a built-in workflow for quality assurance and clinical governance of your test list and the mappings. Finalise mappings can be signed off and updated as needed.


Convert to Single Standardised Test List

All finalised mappings can be added to your single test catalogue (based on SNOMED CT or LOINC). Optionally you can publish them to `Lab Portal` for reference internally or externally. Your mappings and test list can also be accessed by other systems using HL7 FHIR!